Field Guild

A Web3 Gaming Guild Built For Web2 Gamers.
Creating a True Gaming Protocol utilising Smart Wallet Account Abstraction.
Built For Players!

Discover Fusion Field Guild

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FFG simplifies the journey from traditional to blockchain gaming with user-friendly tools and technologies, ensuring a smooth transition for all players.

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Acting as a publisher, FFG curates and supports top-tier Web3 gaming titles, generating revenue while enriching the gaming landscape.

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The FFG token powers a unique ecosystem, offering governance, rewards, and access to exclusive gaming content and events.

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FFG collaborates with leading gaming studios and blockchain projects, enhancing the guild's offerings and user experience.

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With account abstraction and smart wallet integration, FFG offers a cutting-edge platform for developers and gamers alike.

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FFG prioritizes its community, providing governance opportunities, rewards, and a say in the guild's future direction and project developments.

The First Gaming Guild Protocol

In the vast Web3 space, a guild is more than a community—it's a dynamic ecosystem where players unite, govern, and thrive. FFG focuses on player-centric solutions addressing existing challenges in Web3 guilds. It provides a critical bridge for a gaming market worth billions, facilitating gamers an effortless transition into Web3 gaming. Positioning FFG as a catalyst for growth and engagement in this expanding market.

Unlocking Web3 Gaming's Potential

FFG leverages cutting-edge technology and token utility to redefine Web3 gaming. By integrating advanced features, FFG sets new standards in the gaming ecosystem.


GameFi-developed Smart Wallet integrates directly into Discord, streamlining access and engagement for gamers.


Forge and Flux missions, enhance game discovery and player rewards. enriching the gaming experience.


Alliances are the creation of sub-guilds, fostering community, collaboration, and shared governance within the FFG ecosystem.